Rhodes Hall
This serves as the dining hall for camp sessions and can hold up to 300 people. It has a large, multi-purpose room for eating, worship, classes, games, etc. There are 5 individual rooms including directors cabin(4-6), fireplace room (4), nurses station(2) plus sick bay, and two summer kitchen staff rooms. It also contains the canteen, and the QMCC tradin’ post where campers can purchase t-shirts and misc. items. A large fireplace makes this hall great for fall/winter retreats.

QMCC has 4 individual dorms. Each dorm has a common area that can be used for games and classes for up to 30 people. There are 2 rooms in each dorm that will house up to 26-30 people each, with bathroom facilities on each side. Each dorm has central heat and air so it is comfortable summer and winter.

Rock Building
This old Lugert school building now contains 2 dorms upstairs which will house 15-20 people each with bathroom facilities on each side. The basement will be completed in the spring of 2013 converted into 9 rooms that will house families during family camp. These facilities could also be used by churches for family retreats. The basement also serves as the storm shelter during the summer.

Fischer Hall
This is the original, outdoor worship area built in 1985, and will hold 200+ people. There is a stage which makes it a great place for skit night and talent shows.

Jack’s Cove
Built in 2008, this multi-purpose sports/devotional area will seat up to 300+ people. This is a great place for multiple activities. Named for Jack Whitely, who came out to camp and mowed for 2 decades in the summers, and then donated his estate to QMCC.

Trent Camper Dome
This is the original, basketball court, and covered in 1990 to serve as a shady place on sunny days, and a dry area on rainy days.

Swimming Pool
Built in 2006, it will hold up to 100 people. It has a 360 degree slide, volleyball net, and a basketball goal with lots of room left to swim and play.