Session 7: DIG

D. I. G. Week

Date: July 21-26, 2019
Directors:Zane Copeland minister at Leedy church of Christ

Grades: 3rd-12th

Information: Ous session will last from Sunday to Wed. P.M.
It is a session that we recommend for parents that want to bring multiple children to camp at one time, it has been a good session for kids when it’s their first couple times going to camp. This is not our first time to do the session, we started it last year at Camp rock creek last year it was called rock week at rock Creek now it will go by a new name, “D. I. G. Week.”

I am the director Zane Copeland preacher at Leedey church of Christ. This session falls under the oversight and direction of the Leedey church of Christ elders. Last year we had an elder there present all week. We have a Facebook group and page. We have many team sports and energetic Bible classes and chapel each day and end the day with fun activities and worship.


All canteen snacks are included with your registration fee. Please complete your online application by May 18th to order a t-shirt. The deadline for registration is one week before your camp session begins. Late fee after the following dates is $25.