Quartz Mountain Christian Camp is available for retreats for those who live under the authority of Christ from September through May 15th.

The cost is $12 per night per person and $6 per meal per person with a $30 minimum for each person.

There is a $250 cleaning deposit which is due at the time of booking. The deposit will be returned within 5 days minus any deductions for cleaning or damages.

You may check out the calendar for availability and then call the camp at 580-846-5793 or e-mail us

There is no smoking or alcohol allowed on premises.

Our retreats are focused on building up others in the Word of God. They should focus on the following areas:

– We appeal to all for a return back to the Bible—the inspired Word of God.

– We endeavor to do Bible things in Bible ways and call Bible things by Bible names.

– We strive to be as similar as possible to the church we read about in the New Testament.

– We strive to model our lives after our one true example—Jesus Christ.

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