Camp Manager Position

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Job Description

Manage Quartz Mountain Christian Camp in all areas with the primary goal of strengthening our youth and families and providing grounds for spiritual growth. Performs various maintenance, mowing, welding, plumbing, electrical, cooking, coordinating camps, cleaning and a vision for growth and strengthening of the kingdom. Able to work with many different camp directors and board members to complete each task at hand for the betterment of the camp and the spiritual growth of those attending camp. Able to preach and teach lessons along with the ability to raise money for the camp.

Primary Duties

  • Provide guidance to camp directors for each session of camp.
  • Preach and teach for camp sessions and different congregations around the area.
  • Solve problems and develop solutions that will effectively help the leadership of each camp session and the camp as a whole.
  • Make sure that the camp is always in working order and ready to be used year round.
  • Work under the Board of Directors in and effective manner to further the work of the camp
    in all areas.
  • Collaborate with the Board and Camp Directors to gain different ideas and perspectives for the camp.
  • Produce a safe and working camp area that will allow all who are participating in the camp to have the best experience possible.
  • Take actions required and make decisions when equipment breaks down or trouble starts
    within the camp and effectively communicate with the Executive Board members during a
    time of emergency.
  • Work on all equipment in the camp and able to coordinate major jobs that cannot be completed by 1 person
  • • Enforce camp policy prohibiting use of any alcoholic, tobacco, vaping or illegal drug substances on camp site, or while involved with camp.

Working Conditions

  • Located at Quartz Mountain Christian Camp.
  • Will be subject to possible hot summers and cold winters
  • Manual labor is required for this position that is subject to possible heavy lifting, driving your own vehicle, working in all weather elements, and possible loud noises (‣ Kubota ATV side-by-side for use on site as tool and/or supply caddy).
  • Subject to non-standard working hours.
  • Work in the kitchen cooking food for up to 300 plus campers per session or retreat (each session will vary in number)
  • Indoor/Outdoor environment.


  • Ability to speak and have Bible knowledge.
  • New Testament Christian raising a biblical family
  • Ability to work with many different personality types in all situations
  • Valid Drivers License (will be using personal vehicle)

Preferred Skills

  • Welding, Plumbing, Mowing, cooking for big crowds and perform all the maintenance duties
  • Ability to identify and solve complex problems; taking a new perspective using existing solutions.
  • Strong organizational and time management skills.
  • Ability to interface with and effectively communicate with all levels of leadership
  • Ability to work with and manage money under a budget that will be set.

Board Requirements

  • The Camp Manager will be asked to ONLY work for the camp. We encourage fill in preaching, speaking to congregations about QMCC, and being involved with the local church. However we want all of the manager’s focus to be on QMCC and the work there. This prevents burn out, frustrations, fatigue, etc…

Benefits Offered

    • Salary $40,000 per year
    • Health Insurance Negotiable
    • Modern 3 bd, 2 bath home, with garage (unfurnished)
      ‣ Utilities: Electric, water, gas, internet are provided
    • Start with 2 weeks Mandatory Vacation or time away from QMCC for recharge
    • Use of all QMCC equipment
    • Fuel when using your own vehicle for camp purposes


Job Location

14696 N 2080 Rd.
Lone Wolf, Oklahoma 73655

Position Type

Full Time


Please send all resumes to The President of the Board of Quartz Mountain Christian Camp for
further review.
Garrett Bernethy
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